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Solar power is a leader in the growing clean, renewable energy movement. All our solar power systems include solar panels, inverter and full installation – the complete package you need to start putting the sun to work.  If you own your home and feel you are paying too much for electricity, then solar power may be the right clean energy option for you.

Explore our range of solar power systems below and get in contact to discuss your options. Every year, The Home Depot helps thousands of homeowners install solar power systems that will reduce the cost of monthly electricity bills. We’ll be happy to recommend the best system for your household, energy requirements and budget, and then give you a personalised quote.


Solar Inverter Supplier

Solar Panel India is a Solar Inverter can benefit the home in a variety of ways. We are one of the trusted names in industry, engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide array of Solar Inverters. Depending on the size, Solar Inverter Supplier can allow an establishment to remain unaffected in the event of a power failure.

 These inverters are made using optimum quality raw materials and latest technologies, which enhance their durability and workability. To ensure an efficient performance from the inverter we work according to the norms of safety and reliability. Due to our industry leading repute, we are providing state of art solar invertors with benefits such as, customized panels, improved capacity, and higher output to our patrons.

      Objectives of Solar Inverter Supplier

  • Affordable
  • High efficiency
  • Battery charge stage for night time use

Mono Solar Panel Manufacturer: Solar Panel India

mono solar panel manufacturer

Mono crystalline solar panels are prepared with mono crystalline silicon solar cells. They are effortlessly identifiable by the even dim shading of the cells. The essential preferred advantage of mono solar panel is their higher productivity over polycrystalline panels. Mono solar panels have efficiencies in the 15% to 21% territory.  In any case if you have less space of constrained space on your rooftop and want to take advantage of power then you can generate, mono solar panels will be one of best option.

The mono solar panel manufacturer as single crystalline silicon can be recognized by its dark shading black color and appearance of the solar panel. The dark shade black color of the mono solar panel implies the high clarity of the silicon cells, which are made out of the silicon ingots. In the event that it is properly arranged appropriately to use from silicon ingots, it has a capacity to deliver four times the measure of power as thin film solar panels.

Solar DC Cables: Solar Power System Manufacturer

Solar DC Cable

Solar DC Cables that are principally utilized for the interconnection of the different components of photovoltaic Systems, for example, solar panel arrays. These Solar Direct Current Cables allude to the unidirectional stream of electrons and are the kind of energy that is typically delivered by source, for example, solar cells, batteries and thermo couples.

These cables can be introduced for inside and outside with in unprotected channels or in comparable shut frameworks. Solar DC Cables are UV and Ozone safe and are checked for toughness. These are broadly utilized for low voltage reason, for example, charging batteries, car applications, air ship applications and other low voltage, low current applications.


A reduced external distance across empowers space and weight sparing establishment
✓ Climate/UV safe
✓ Powerful against mechanical effects
✓ Reduction of fire engendering and of harmful ignition gasses in case of flame
✓ Correct amount control amid establishment by meter checking on the link sheath

Sai Cab Tech P. Limited’s solar powered lantern has constructed good approval in the market, specifically in the district. Where power supply is less and unreliable The movable lightening system subsists of fixed maintenance free battery. Clients can useful to both LED along with CFL based solar lantern at the most aggressive costs.

We Offers a huge range of Solar LED lanterns with high quality & custom created versions. Portable Solar LED Lantern for Rural & urban Homes, Shops, Farms and Clinics etc…Solar-LED-Lantern

This solar LED lantern is very easy to handle and have best light quality. These lanterns are largely stable and enduring with maintenance range.

Below are the Features: –

  • Low Maintenance
  • LED signal for “Battery Charging” & “Battery Low”
  • Can use selectable high or low intensity
  • More efficient micro controller based electronic systems
  • Very powerful and Safe
  • Available in many types of models

Micro Inverter technology allows each panel in a solar system to work independently from the other panels, ensuring maximum output of clean renewable energy for your household or business. Micro Inverter Installer help avoid common roadblocks that stop a solar installation on many houses such as patchy shade and small roof areas.  One Micro inverter is connected to each solar panel. It converts DC current from a single solar panel to AC current.

Micro Inverter Installer

Microinverter technology has been on the scene for decades, and there are a number of companies that manufacture them. Micro-inverters offer the safest and most upgradeable option for those looking to install a solar power system. However, when sun powered PV started its worldwide blast as a power source quite a long while prior it was string inverters that were taken up as the bread-and-spread alternative. 

Solar Power System

Solar Power is the use of sun’s energy either directly as thermal heat. It’s range includes a huge range of solar power systems , Industrial solar power systems & its power back up .
Solar power is the conversation of energy from sunlight in to electricity , It is directly using photovolatics (PV) , and indirectly use in concentrated solar power.
That kind of solar power systems used for lenses , mirrors & tracking systems to focus a large area of sunlight in to a small rays.

solar panel manufacture

What is Solar Irrigation Pump ?

Solar Irrigation Pump manufacturer

A solar powered pump is a pump powered by solar energy. A solar powered irrigation pump consists of one or more solar panels (also known as solar modules or solar plates), a pump (mostly a centrifugal pump), electronic controls or a controller device to operate the pump, the required hardware and in some cases other items like inverters, batteries, etc. On a simpler note, solar powered pumps are like traditional electric pump with the only exception that it uses solar energy instead of fossil fuel or electricity.

How does a Solar Irrigation Pump work?

A solar powered pump works like another available and generally used water pumps. the main distinction is that solar powered pumps run on sun energy and do now not require any gas (diesel, kerosene, gasoline, and many others.) or outside supply of energy (from an strength business enterprise) to supply water.

Industrial Solar Power System | Solar Power system Manufacturer

Industrial Solar Power System

Industrial environment and production Companies regularly think that it’s hard to discover a financially possible and dependable wellspring of energy for their immense needs. A solid Source of energy/power is basic for production purposes as the operation procedure relies on upon in. Interference in the energy supply can prompt extraordinary cost and productions suggestions.

Installing Industrial Solar Power System can altogether decrease your power costs. Given solar power system products are planned and manufacture utilizing preeminent review essential material and existing apparatuses tuned in to industry set standards.Solar Power systems are now a day highly demanded by people for their long life and operative result.

Salient Feature of Industrial Solar Power system:

  High Performance

  Corrosion Resistant

  Less Maintenance

  Easy to install

  Optimum Performance

The sun is the primary source of energy. The solar panel is made from silicon and a large amount of crystal. solar panel manufacturer Solar panel are absorb the sun rays and generate the electricity. Solar cells have many applications but solar water heating system is the common application of solar panel. Solar panel can be calculated by MPP. The solar cells convert the sun’s energy into electricity. The solar energy is a renewable energy. The renewable energy is clean, affordable and domestic. The solar power is cheaper than ever. The solar panel is also called modules. A single solar component can manufacture only a restricted amount of supremacy; most installations contain numerous modules. Several companies contain begun embedding electronics into PV modules.