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Solar Cooker Stove is a mechanical device that uses sun light direct from sun. it has no fuel need so no extra weight of bulk for longer trips. A solar cooker can do almost anything a stove or an oven can do. Solar cooker use nonpolluting free abundant energy source.

There are four types of solar cooker available in the market. The solar water heaters also called solar domestic hot water systems. Solar water Heating System always require backup for cloudy environment. Solar water heating system is more popular in china.


The main features of solar water heater are that it is very low in cost and easy to install. The solar cooker stove and solar water heater both are don’t required any type of electricity.

We all know that solar power system is the way of the future. Solar Power System derives clean, pure energy from the sun. Solar panels do not require much space, and they can be mounted almost anywhere. Most in home solar panel find mount of rooftops.

Solar Power makes possible for home to use the sun power in everyday life for example watching TV, washing cloth; cooking dinner etc. solar energy panels require very little maintenance. Solar installation, manufacturing and sales can provide jobs for thousands of workers.  During operation solar electricity power plants produce zero emissions. Solar power is very clearly one of the most solutions to the global warming.

A solar car port can generate enough electricity to charge the vehicle. Solar power is a good investment, not just for the future of the environment, but for your financial health. Using solar panels, you can heat your swimming pool.

Solar power is also known as a solar radiation and isolation. Solar power means energy from sun. In past we use sun for drying clothes but at present sun is also used for solar energy. This energy is form of solar radiation which makes solar electricity. Solar energy is clean and eco-friendly.

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Heat and light are two major forms of energy that provided by sun. Solar Power systems utilize heat and light and make some process and convert it into electricity. The solar cells are directly converting light into electricity. Solar cells are mostly used for satellites to provide them energy.

Solar energy is beginning for all forms of energy. For store a solar energy we use Solar Panel system. Generally solar panels made from silicon so it’s also called modulus. Solar panel works best when they are in north side direct from sun. The solar is the world largest source of electricity.