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Solar Cooker Stove is a mechanical device that uses sun light direct from sun. it has no fuel need so no extra weight of bulk for longer trips. A solar cooker can do almost anything a stove or an oven can do. Solar cooker use nonpolluting free abundant energy source.

There are four types of solar cooker available in the market. The solar water heaters also called solar domestic hot water systems. Solar water Heating System always require backup for cloudy environment. Solar water heating system is more popular in china.


The main features of solar water heater are that it is very low in cost and easy to install. The solar cooker stove and solar water heater both are don’t required any type of electricity.

Solar Water Pumps may be especially useful in small scale or community based irrigation. A solar water pump has min power house. A solar water pump system is known by the sum total of array size. It consists of calibrated and matching solar array modules. Every solar array consist a number of solar modules that are connected in parallel or series.

The solar water pumps are generally divided into two parts surface pumps and submersible pump. The surface pumps are installed above water and submersible pumps are installed under water. Solar Water Pumps are often used in remote areas. These systems are extremely robust and withstand heavy weather conditions. It consist a water level sensor. The Water Level Sensor is used only when the water is pumped to overhead tank.

solar water pumps

The solar water pump system is designed with solar panel to collect the energy from the sun. The solar water pumps have lower operation expense compared to diesel pumps. It is simple and reliable and it has a very low maintenance.

Solar Water Heaters also called solar domestic hot water systems. It is very cost effective to generate hot water at our home. Solar water heating systems include storage tanks and solar collection. Solar water heater collectors collect heat from the sun and transfer this heat in to liquid.

Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heater devices have been around for over 100 years. The heat transfer fluid which takes the heat from the collector for use or storage. Solar water heating system mostly used vacuum tubes. The vacuum tubes made from borosilicate glass with special coatings. The solar water heating system in not directly connected to the electricity and it also not have an on-off switch, it uses and sunlight to all the day and heat the water and store water in storage tank.

Solar water heating system reduces electricity bills around 40 percentage. Is protects the environment. We can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 3 and 4 tons a year.

The Solar Energy produced and radiated by the sun. Solar energy is also called heat trapper. Solar energy systems refer to technologies that convert the sun’s heat or light to another form of energy for use. There are two categories of technologies that harness solar energy, Solar Photovoltaics and Solar Thermal.

Energy can be found in different forms like chemical energy, electrical energy, thermal (heat) energy, light energy, mechanical energy nuclear energy and solar energy. But solar energy is most popular than other energy.  Solar energy is a completely free source of energy and it is found in abundance.  This energy is found in the form of solar radiation. Solar Energy is available in all over the world. Solar energy is an intermittent energy source.

Solar energy not causes pollution.  There are emissions associated with the manufacturing, transportation and installation of solar power systems almost nothing to compared other energy sources.

Solar panels are active device that converts light into electricity. Solar panel is a part of Solar Power System. A solar panel is a collection of solar cells. Solar cells are convert photons from the sun into electricity. Semiconductor device that converts sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity is called solar cells.

Solar cells are manufactured into a single crystal. Solar panel are basically made from two steps. 1 Making of the cells. 2 Final module assembly and packing. Solar cell is also called photovoltaic cell. Solar panels are made from photovoltaic cells. Solar panels are totally environment friendly. This technology is too old and but in recent years it is more popular than other. The back of the solar panel is also sealed to prevent damage where the junction box is located.

Solar Panel System are used in much different application like telecommunication equipment, remote power systems etc. solar panel in the form of solar cells is used in calculators. Efficiencies of solar panels are calculated in mpp. Mpp stands for maximum power point.