Solar Power Systems

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F.A.Q. on Solar Systems

1. What is the meaning of Solar Power?

Answer : Solar power means energy from sun. Solar power is also known as a solar radiation and isolation.

2. What is the benefit of solar energy?

Answer : The Main propose of Solar Energy is to save electricity bills.

3. What is solar cable?

Answer : Solar cable is the interconnection cable used in photovoltaic power generation.

4. Solar cooker Stove Means?

Answer : Solar Cooker Stove is a mechanical device that uses sun light direct from sun.

5. What is the application of solar energy?

Answer : There is lots of application of solar energy. The major applications are follows:

  1. Solar green Houses
  2. Solar cooking system
  3. Solar pumping system
  4. Solar water heaters
  5. Solar street lights
  6. Solar Cars

6. What are solar panels?

Answer : Solar panels are the devices which is collection of solar cells, and that lots of small solar cells spread over a large area.

7. What is the solar rooftop system?

Answer : The solar rooftop system means Solar Panels are installed in the roof on any residential, industrial and commercial.

8. What is the size of grid connected rooftop solar system?

Answer : The rooftop solar systems from 1 kWp upto 500 kWp or in combination can be set up on the roofs.