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Solar water Pump

Solar Water Pumps may be especially useful in small scale or community based irrigation. A solar water pump has min power house. A solar water pump system is known by the sum total of array size. It consists of calibrated and matching solar array modules. Every solar array consist a number of solar modules that are connected in parallel or series.

The solar water pumps are generally divided into two parts surface pumps and submersible pump. The surface pumps are installed above water and submersible pumps are installed under water. Solar Water Pumps are often used in remote areas. These systems are extremely robust and withstand heavy weather conditions. It consist a water level sensor. The Water Level Sensor is used only when the water is pumped to overhead tank.

solar water pumps

The solar water pump system is designed with solar panel to collect the energy from the sun. The solar water pumps have lower operation expense compared to diesel pumps. It is simple and reliable and it has a very low maintenance.

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