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Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heaters also called solar domestic hot water systems. It is very cost effective to generate hot water at our home. Solar water heating systems include storage tanks and solar collection. Solar water heater collectors collect heat from the sun and transfer this heat in to liquid.

Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heater devices have been around for over 100 years. The heat transfer fluid which takes the heat from the collector for use or storage. Solar water heating system mostly used vacuum tubes. The vacuum tubes made from borosilicate glass with special coatings. The solar water heating system in not directly connected to the electricity and it also not have an on-off switch, it uses and sunlight to all the day and heat the water and store water in storage tank.

Solar water heating system reduces electricity bills around 40 percentage. Is protects the environment. We can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 3 and 4 tons a year.

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