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What is a Solar Panel ?

Solar panels are active device that converts light into electricity. Solar panel is a part of Solar Power System. A solar panel is a collection of solar cells. Solar cells are convert photons from the sun into electricity. Semiconductor device that converts sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity is called solar cells.

Solar cells are manufactured into a single crystal. Solar panel are basically made from two steps. 1 Making of the cells. 2 Final module assembly and packing. Solar cell is also called photovoltaic cell. Solar panels are made from photovoltaic cells. Solar panels are totally environment friendly. This technology is too old and but in recent years it is more popular than other. The back of the solar panel is also sealed to prevent damage where the junction box is located.

Solar Panel System are used in much different application like telecommunication equipment, remote power systems etc. solar panel in the form of solar cells is used in calculators. Efficiencies of solar panels are calculated in mpp. Mpp stands for maximum power point.

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